The first edition of the Euregion Day

  • The first edition of the Euregion Day

    The first edition of the Euregion Day

    On Monday, the 21st of November, some old participants of our last parliament will join an Euregion day together with students from Germany and Belgium. It is the first time that MEP Limburg is organising an euregion day.

    Goal of the day is once again to stimulate young people to look beyond borders and work together with people from other nationalities and cultures. The day will take place in Maastricht, the city where one of the most important treaties within the European Union was signed: the treaty which meant the foundation of the European Monetary Union and with that the euro. 

    The students will start with a guided tour of the Provincial Government Building. After, the students will get a debate training from an experienced trainer. The afternoon they will spend in mixed groups, debating about current topics. Here, they can practice what they have learned earlier. All speaking skills have to be used in order to convince the other team. The students will end the day with an informal dinner during which they can continue to interact with each other and discuss this interesting day!

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